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This is not a treatise on Hitler

Hitler is pulled from the history books to refer to the ominous hand of fascist evil that oils its engine with human suffering. He is often presented as a comparison to other evils of similar ilk.
but that gets old quick

I wonder

Where are today’s immortal, all-powerful supervillains? It seems the last one was hung years ago and now the only villians left exist on a plane that touches not the heart of Capital interest. By virtue these villains are given little attention, especially when young boys are out slaughtering politicos.. right on our own concrete.

I digress,

honestly I was writing about a societal realm that eludes me. How could I place my (good or bad) faith in someone I’ve never known? How could an idea that has no tangible essence affect me on any meaningful level?

My heroes and villains are no more than those who wrong me and those who don’t. And in coming to this realization I discovered something interesting about myself – the majority of my villains are the powerful people I’ve never known and the ideas they have which are of no tangible essence but still seem to have a negative impact on my life. In this regard, all politicians fall into my “villains” category.

I’ve grown to resent the idea of respecting/villifying historical figures or party icons or think tanks more than respecting/villifying those around me who have so much more bearing on my corporeal existence.

Can reading a sad story about a country one has never visited be more moving than seeing first-hand the plight of one’s neighbors?


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