part II

This is my attempt at the second question (what are you thankful for?). I have a large cup of coffee at my side from which I haven’t had a sip, so don’t worry if I start this off reasonably coherent. It’s sure to be a cryptic mess by the time I’m finished.

So what am I thankful for. What are you thankful for? Can we reconcile? I’m guessing you’re thankful for friends and family. I am too, but I’m not going to respond with that, because it’s an understatement and it’s too obvious. Everyone is thankful for friends and family, everyone is thankful for food, for water, for air, etc. If we didn’t have those things we’d perish, so I can’t say I am thankful for them without feeling slightly self-centered. There are some people who claim to have no “friends or family”. I wonder who it is they think they’re kidding. We live in a highly isolated society, I concede, but the man at the bus stop, the person working for the charity, your neighbor, whatever.. they can all be your friends if you let them. There are people everywhere; we need them to survive. They are our friends.

With the friends and family thing aside, I’m left an ocean of possibility. What else is there?! Food, water, air, stuff. There we go – stuff. I’m thankful for stuff. My computer is nice, so is my bed. Let’s see, what else? I’m thankful for my job, though I’m not thankful for the societal structure that allows the majority to flounder with a bare-bones income while a tiny few are living like lords of the nether-world with their turkey legs, and their aged wine and stuff. And I’m also appalled that those people can’t seem to create jobs for the many able-bodied individuals who can’t find work. Really? You have 50 percent of the world’s wealth and you can’t find a penny for the unemployed?

I’m thankful to live in a “free country”, where I don’t have to worry about secret police or rebel military factions taking over my land. Wait.. I forgot I don’t have any land. My land is my landLORDs, not mine. Well then, I’m thankful that my landlord plows the driveway after it snows. Thanks dude.

I’m thankful for clean water and good food, but not for the fact that only people with money have access to these things. If only everyone had access to money…

Okay, so obviously what I’m saying is that I’m thankful for everything I have but I’m also leery because there are so many holes to the tidings-of-great-joy theory that everyone seems to want to profess this time of year. I’m just trying to be realistic.
I want to take this opportunity to name two things that I am definitely thankful for. Two personality types, namely:

1. The cynic
2. The optimist

To the former: thank you for making me smile with every destitute proclamation, for making me feel warm with your superobstinate, cuss-filled diatribes. Flattery will get us nowhere with these people, and I appreciate that.

To the latter: thank you for seeing the bright side when it’s buried under snow and ice, your vision is truly superb. I need people like you in order to maintain a balance.  you spunky devil you.




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  1. Angela

    I am also thankful for both the cynic and the optimist. Probably a little bit MORE for the optimist. At the end of the day, that’s who I need.

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