I am them, they are I

I’ve known my share of folks who walk without purpose and whose heads swivel from side to side as though something is circling them. Something pleasant, I think, since they don’t seem annoyed. These are folks whose meager means for, well, whatever (fill in the blank) seem to be more than adequate. They are despicably serene, obviously unmotivated.

Whenever I pass a person like this, I wave. I’ve known myself to fall into this category and will probably fall into it again. Flashing back to the age of 15, I can see myself ambling around Silver Lake, my eyes bouncing from side to side. Not furtively, not curious even, but content. Eyes as spunges.

My perception of these folks is that they are, in fact, uniformly serene. Entirely without problems. I also perceive them to be dull, uncaring, ridiculous, etc. I know I’m off, though. As sure as life at 15 did not consist of blithe relaxation, I know I’m off. They have problems, too. We all do, right?



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2 responses to “I am them, they are I

  1. Christine

    I think the real question that warrants further investigation are the things that we orbit our day to day existence about, and how an individual develops a sense of value. Personally, I’ve always wondered (since understanding between two people is impossible) if we all really seek self-actualization…how would you even define it when its applications are entirely subjective? I strongly suspect it is the blissfully ignorant youths of your illustration that largely inspired the rash of zombie movies earlier in the late 60s early 70s. Ironic considering today’s consumer culture doncha think? I think Camus asked the pivotal question in Myth of Sisyphus…essentially, “well…what next?”

    • Well if self-actualization is “the only drive by which the life of an organism is determined,” than I can see where you’d wonder, because I don’t think any human has one overriding objective in his/her life. I also think people fall in and out chasing their dreams, and their dreams change constantly.
      And regarding Camus’ question.. well, I don’t think the people I’m referring to would have any desire to answer it.

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