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I had a funny idea about where to take this site. Diary of a recovering Facebook addict: Days in the life of a former web-addled individual.

It’s kind of sad, but this page really does exist as a sort of methadone. I can point some old contacts in the direction of my blog and get some satisfaction knowing that somebody is hearing my online voice, but I’ll never have such a presence that I had on facebook. An  epigram or bright idea that entered my head only need be written and posted. And there was constantly someone there to read it and comment. Perpetual attention and validation of the self-important publisher. This is my intellectual property – my soul. And when no one responded I would feel an emptiness similar to that you’d feel at a party where you were being ignored. This big idea of social network has come at a great cost for the pompous, and has turned those were previously level-headed into attention whores. Some are immune, and even as I type this I laugh at the hyperbole. It isn’t heroin, it is far from it. But it is not healthy.

I could spew paragraphs into the ether on the isolation one builds around them by relying on the internet to satiate their social needs. I will not. I want to have a discourse with caring folks. I want to say happy birthday in person to real friends and not be happy with just mentioning it in passing on their wall!

I sound like a sniveling loser because that is how facebook makes me feel. Here’s to real friends with real faces, to writing for a captive audience, for finding your niche, for abandoning the dead end culture of acquaintance! For wordy blog entries the whole world will never see, but someone you truly care about may!

Let’s share thoughts!


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