in the shadow of the soul god

I arrived at the hospital today to find a “six dollar sale” in the lobby downstairs. I had approximately 2:34 minutes to arrive to my unit on time, so I wasn’t able to browse. But a gracious turn of events caused me to get the day off. After a half hour of work I packed up my shit and took off. I decided to stop at the six dollar sale (since the proceeds benefit burn victims) and to my surprise, the merchandise was pretty swag. I got me a watch, a pair of suede gloves, a pack of batteries and (best of all) that Joe Tex album with “Ain’t gonna bump (with no big fat woman no more)” – all for twenty bucks! That’s like, what, enough to change one dressing on one half-thigh of a burn victim? Oh well, multiply it by 300 hundred and I guess you have a dent.

Joe Tex was awesome. I never knew about him until my friend gave me a mix CD he titled “Sock It To Me Soul!”. The song “Show Me” by Tex was on there and quickly became a favorite of mine. I sing it at karaoke like once a month at least. I did some research and found out that him and James Brown had a major rivalry. Check this out:

“A feud between Tex and fellow label mate James Brown began after Brown, who Tex felt copied his stage moves, began dating Tex’s wife, Bea Ford. In response, Tex wrote a song called “You Keep Her.” They played a few more shows together until Tex mocked James Brown’s act of throwing a cape over his shoulder and screamed “please – get me out of this cape”. Brown later fired a gun at Tex in a nightclub.” (from wiki)

I think Brown, in the end, probably came out as the better performer, but that’s not to say Joe Tex wasn’t a fine alternative. In fact, I’m gonna go listen to it again.


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